Saturday, 6 September 2008

Keep off the Grass

Karan Bajaj - an IIM-B grad comes up with an impressive debut work Keep of the Grass.A Fiction from another B school grad sounded like it might be something similar to Five point someone.Albeit the initial hostel day events reminded five point.., this book is quite absorbing. The story is about an American(born to Indian immigrants) Wall Street investment banker,Samrat, travelling to India to pursue management degree in one of India's top Business school as part of his search towards self realization and happiness. While the farangi's experinces of chasing grass in the streets of Banglore, sharing a joint with the Aghori's and selling shampoos to rural Indians are fictious, the Sarkar's ideologies  and Vinod Singh's principles adds pinch of philosophy to the fiction.

Karan,being an IIM grad shows a quite snapshot of the competitiveness and the trauma prevailing in the atmosphere of the top business schools.Its pathetic to see students giving in, unable to face peer competition in such institution. The farewell speech by the alumnus shows sense of reality.

A nice blend of fiction,reality and philosophy makes Keep of the Grass an interesting read.


ranjit said...

Seems like a nice read. Read any other good books recently?

Naanthaanga said...

I read Go Kiss the world by Subrato Bagachhi and Jonathan Livingston, the seagull by Richard Bach...Both of them were decent da..