Wednesday, 28 November 2007

How do you convey?

When you feel bad for what you have done to someone and you want to let him know that you regret for what had happened but you don't want to speak with him for other reasons, how do you convey?

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Pudhumai Penn

Here is a strange or shocking or welcome (how ever you want to name it) thought/perspective by one of the participants in a TV debate program (neeya naana - vijay tv). The topic was about marriage expectations and the question was which ceremony(sadangu) is not wanted or boring among youngsters in a marriage. Many expected answers like nalangu (sandal bath for gals), Jaanavaasam (road show for the bride groom) came from the youngsters.

Surprisingly/shockingly one gal didn't find tying thaali(sacred thread with a piece of gold tied around the neck in Hindu marriages) as a necessary thing in a marriage ceremony. Her point was this. Rituals and ceremonies don't determine or strengthen a relationship. Marriage is all about mind.. :) Hats off to that gal :) . After her answer a question was posted to the parents whether any one of them will accept her as their daughter-in-law. But no surprises this time. There was not a single Yes from the parents side :(

I do agree her point of view. Marriage (Thiru Manam) should be the union of minds. No physical entity can or should determine it. But unfortunately in the so called culture at home, marriages were never Thiru Manam. All these years they are only exhibited as Thiru Caste, Thiru Religion, Thiru Language, Thiru Money, Thiru Status. The feel of togetherness should come from inside and not from all these rituals..

In the same show there was a reply from a gal about how pride she feels about her caste.. Thought of writing something about that...But no comments. .l. :)

Monday, 19 November 2007


Computer clock shows as 00:52. This is not going to make sense to many a people. May be not even to me. I am writing because i wanted to write something. But no idea what i am intend to write..Like free speech,free spirit, this is going to be free writing.. just keep writing whatever comes in mind.. This is not going to be coherent nor relative.. May be discrete pieces of junk from my mind.. Its not that easy to put what ever you feel in words... It needs a lot of writing skills to put what ever you have in mind on paper with appropriate words.. I am lacking of that. Whenever i have write something here i think for hours before i post it.. But this time am not going to think much before posting.. Whatever time its gonna take is the time taken to type it.. Till now i have deleted 4 lines and have retyped it again... 5 times.. It doesn't make any sense why i have to write like this.. Now thinking again whether i should post it...6 times..Started thinking again.. 01:03.. I wonder how all the sadhus try to concentrate on one particular thing. They do really concentrate or they dream closing their eyes .. Am trying to write this without distraction.. but its distraction that made me write this.. Trying to distract myself i started something and got distracted again because of this something...For sure its not going to make any sense to any one.. When i read this again sometime its going to be funny.. May be not.. Probably i alone can understand how i feel tonight..not this night alone.. Many a nights like this.. May be to many a people their might be nights like this.. I may not be the only person.. But i still i have to go through this. I cannot console myself seeing some one else also being like this.. Probably i can understand to an extent how much it takes out of them. Everyone has to go through what they have to . Others can only feel sympathy for it... This is not gonna get over very soon. 7 times. 01:12.. 8 times.. 9 times. when do i stop this. i stop when i sleep.. when do i sleep? i sleep when i stop.. I don't want to do both but have to do one for the sake of other.. I want to sleep so i want to type . i want to stop typing so i can sleep.. Thinking again whether to post it or not.. My idea of free writing is defeated here... 10 times...11 times. Sleep wins over writing... eyes are closing.. Wish this all is a dream. but it is not ..............................................
..........................................................................................Trying to think if i can write anythingsensible..But not able to think. feel the free..... 01:25