Wednesday, 28 November 2007

How do you convey?

When you feel bad for what you have done to someone and you want to let him know that you regret for what had happened but you don't want to speak with him for other reasons, how do you convey?


ranjit said...

Event 'A' is executed by 'X' on 'Y'.
Event 'B' has transpired between 'X' an 'Y' which cut the communication line 'C'.
If A has to be rolled back and 'X' wants to send a message 'M' to 'Y' about the roll back, then 'X' has to communicate to 'Y'. But since the communication line 'C' is cut out, there is no line for 'X' to communicate to 'Y'. Hence communication is not possible by message passing.

However if there is a public space 'P' that might be accessed by 'Y' then the Message 'M' can be posted in the public space and 'Y' may receive the message. But the problem with 'P' is that any 'T', 'D' and 'H' can get to know the communication between 'X' and 'Y'. So if 'X' does not want anyone else except 'Y' to understand, then 'X' has to encrypt the message and has to hope that only 'Y' has the key to decrypt it. And even if 'Y' has the key, whether 'Y' checks the public space is still a question. So the Message 'M' need not necessarily reach 'Y'. So communication is possible through shared memory, but not certain.

Hence proved!!

Naanthaanga said...

Amazing da.. Chanceless.. one of the best comments i have read.. Though seems to be complex, it is pretty simple and the way you have described is too good da...

ranjit said...

thnx ba..

cb said...

X can convey the apology to Y directly explaining that X is sorry about the act A that X commited.
But X could go on to add that because of event B, the communication link C will remain cut.

Simple and straightforward
it shows that X is truly sorry and X still remembers event B too.
whats the confusion?

Naanthaanga said...

That makes real sense..