Friday, 26 September 2008

Section 377

Looks like the Government of India has decided not to scrap the controversial section 377 of  the Indian Penal Code. 

It should be interesting to see the Government's argument to retain the law. Possibly the Government might argue that criminalizing this practice might reduce STD and AIDS in the society. Surprisingly the NGO's and other human rights organizations also quote the same reason for scrapping the law, along with the recogonition to these people in the society.

Irrespective of whether the law will increase HIV awareness and  prevent AIDS or not, the question here is whether is it  right to criminalize an induvidual based upon his\her sexual orientation ?

I dont feel it is OK to criminalize some one based upon their sexual orientation. Irrespective of whether it is against natural order, moral ethics or causing health issues, i dont think it is OK to brand them as criminals. 

Rather than defending the current law, the Government and Health Ministry can seriously think about scrapping the current law and enact new laws  to recogonize such practices and insist on monogamy among them. This might have a positive impact on their relationship as well as in the health issues of the society.


Shankar said...

We dont need laws to protect people from themselves.
What are friends/family for?

Law is required to protect every individual's freedom (esplly from the State ), nothing else.

There doesn't seem to be any other way for humans to progress.

Anyone who opposes this is a tyrant or a fool and Indians (in particular) need to fight for their freedom, all over again.

An inspiring dialogue from Braveheart to end my rant.
Dying in your beds, many years from now.
Will you give all the days ..from this day to that, for one chance.
Just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies.
They may take our lives,but they can never take.. Our Freedom.

Sundari said...

Nice posts.. Keep posting..

Naanthaanga said...

Thanks Sundari...