Sunday, 8 June 2008

Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction

Blaft publications private limited, a chennai based publishing house has published this book - "Blaft Anthology for Tamil Pulp Fiction ". I had to literally postmortem the title to find what it means :)

Blaft - The publisher
Anthology - Collection of literary works
Pulp magazine or pulp fiction - Inexpensive fiction magazines

The book is a collection of fiction stories, translated into English, written by some of the great Tamil Pulp authors . The anthology includes stories of Subha, Rajesh Kumar, Vidya Subramaniam, Indra Soundararajan, Ramanichandran,Pattukottai Prabhakar, Pushpha Thangadurai, Tamilvanan,Brajanand, Resakee..

I was surprised to see such a publication. Its a welcome approach and a honor to all these great writers. Am not sure how good the translation version will be, as am yet to read it. But it will be a good read for the readers who will not be able to read Tamil. I guess the book should be available at all leading book sellers.

The publishers also have a vision of translating other South Asian Regional language books into English. With this we will get a chance to read the good works of writers from other languages too... Good work Blaft .


Anonymous said...

Are you a member of the desipundit blogging community?
may be you and your blogmates should join

Naanthaanga said...

NO da.. I am not part of that community. i have heard about them right.. Think i have even read couple of blogs there.. don't remember exactly..

Anonymous said...

btw the book is really good with a few outstanding translations. am glad that my fav tamil pulp is now there for a wider audience!

Naanthaanga said...

Oh is it.. am glad to hear that.. Am yet to read this book..

Peter Rozovsky said...

So far, I have learned much from the fascinating introduction, and I am enjoying Subha's low-key wit in the first story, which I will resume reading now.
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