Sunday, 8 June 2008

Green Vs Red

This one came to my mind, when i saw the symbol in the pizza box differentiating a Vegetarian Pizza and and a Non Vegetarian Pizza . The Vegetarian one had a Green colour and the other one had a Red Colour..

What does these colours signify..?
Green for vegetables and Red for the blood?
Is this a global representation used by the food outlets and manufacturers?
I remember seeing the similar green color symbol in a chocolate wrapper...

When i tried to Google for the global standard symbols, i was able to find a set of symbols for Vegetarian . But none for Non Vegetarians :(


Ranjit said...

I guess there are no symbols for non veggies because there is no need to warn them :P
If there is no symbol, it would be a non veg item. Else a veg one.

Naanthaanga said...

For pure non vegetarians we should warn them about veg content right ?