Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Here is an equation. A is in love with B , But B only likes A, but not in love with A. You should understand here the difference between love and like. When a person say they like you, it is not equal to or almost equivalent to loving you. Both are different. So get yourself cleared when some one says they like you :) . Coming back to the equation again, B only likes A. A is disappointed with B because B is not understanding or accepting the love of A. But B has its own valid reasons not to accept A.

To make this equation little complex, here comes C. C knows A is in love with B. In spite of that, C is loving A, like how A is loving B. When all the three comes to know about each other, what stance should they take?

A knows the pain of waiting for B. So A can easily understand how C will feel. Understanding C, should A accept C's Love?
Sticking to its stance, should A go ahead and keep on waiting for B? Doing this A is reacting to C, the same ways how B is reacting to A..
C knowing what love is, should it help A in its love for B?
B, coming to know C's love with A, should persuade A to accept C?

What will be your stance if you were A, B or in C's position?


ranjit said...

Hiya, let us look at this in a different perspective. A loves B, C loves A, B has no love. So MUTUAL EXCLUSION occurs.

A is holding on to B and C is holding onto A. Again B has nothing. Hence HOLD AND WAIT condition is satisfied.

Here no one is going to release the other by force, and will release them only by their own wish. So NO PREMPTION is possible.

The wait is almost clearly circular in nature. Hence CIRCULAR WAIT is satisfied.

Since all these conditions are satisfied, we have a DEADLOCK. Now Deadlock can be prevented by two methods. Deadlock Avoidance and Deadlock Prevention.

In this case Deadlock avoidance cannot be implemented as deadlock has already occurred. So the only option is deadlock prevention. In theory a deadlock prevention works if and only if one of the persons lets go of some thing they are holding on to. So this situation can be solved by one of them letting go. Who should let go is generally based on the importance of the process, sorry person :)

In Real Time systems, only the most important of things are given preferences to happen. The importance depends on the context and the environment. So based on the context and environment the decision has to be made by A, B and C.

phew!!! :)

Naanthaanga said...

Is OS is your current are of Interest? Anyway again nice correlation.. By the way i didn't understand the Mutual Exclusion.. How it is mutually excluded?

ranjit said...

aama da, ippo OS oru subjecta irukku..atha padichu padichu paithiyam pudichirum pola..anyway, MUTUAL EXCLCUSION is when a resource can be used by only one person at a time. In this case, beacuse A loves B, it excludes A from reciprocating love to C... It is not an exact mutual exclusion condition, but for the sake of argument I made it mutually exclusive. :)

Subash said...

Hi eshwar,
Intha mathiri A,B,C nu mumbai express mathiri kollapama correct names vechu problem statement kudunga...we ll be able to understand better.
Thats ok. neenga entha character ithulla A or B or C.

Naanthaanga said...

Un theory ah explain panna Mutual exclusion theory ah maathitta.. Piliru :)

Naan 'S' .. verum spectator thaanga.. :)

Mr pudhu C 9or is it pudhu B)? said...

The mumbai express comment- sema timing.

cb said...

Ideal solution:
B should beat the shit out of A for not understanding.
A should attempt to increase his chances by trying to woo B while dangling a carrot in front of C.
At the point of no return A can fall back on C.
C should beat the shit out of B.

Deepan said...

even mumbai express only came to my mind. it really needed a lot of patience and listening skill to understand that movie. thala suthidichu ... comin to ur post, if i m A, then i will stick with B only. Though A can understand the feel and pain of C, he can't change his love just for tat reason. tats not a true love then. sometimes, due to love failure or some inevitable reasons, u may drop ur love n marry someone else. but tats a diff case and doesn't mean that ur love is false.

If i am C, i will neither help A's love nor urge A to accept my love. than lover innoruthana love panranu therinchirunthum, antha love ku help panrathuku nan onnum 'Poove Unakaga' Vijay illa .. :) .. help pannalam .. but sometimes i may feel very disturbed. after all, i am also an ordinary human being.

i don't want to be in the state of B. coz, i can't accept A's love and at the same time I can't leave her f'ship, as i like her very much. romba sangadamana soolnilai .. :( if A is willing to go with C, well and good. provided, if i feel C would be a perfect match for A.

so, whats ur take on this?

cmysai said...

hmm...interesting... hope u had all watched Suriya...Jothika's movie... Jil Endru Oru kaadhal... I really loved the ending of that movie... at the end... though Suriya had to marry Jyotika... (who was not his first love...) ... Suriya's life was happier than that if he had married Bhumkia itself... at the end even Bhumika will accept that the love Jyotika is more powerful than her love towards Suriya... and in her letter...she will tell strongly that in her next life... she should again love Suriya not as herself..but as Jyotika... extending here... C is loving A inspite of knowing that A's first love is B. If B is neglecting A's love, I say that A is extremely lucky to have found a person like C.
There is a Hindi movie named Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam...that is also based on similar concept... u might say that in movies it might work... but not in life...but somehow i found such movies(decisions) to be more mature and more practical...

Naanthaanga said...

My stance would be this.

If I am A I would have stick to B till i believe there is no way this can work out, say till B gets married. Even after that i may wait, to see if B breaks the marriage and wants to come back, which is quite possible but not probable. And if C had proposed to me, i would have explained things clearly to her that i cant think about marrying her. I will not give any hopes to her. In case if she didn't reveal her love for me, but i guessed it somehow, then i would try to stay little away so that her life is not disturbed.

Being B, i would have made my stance clear to A that it is not going to work out. Once i decide that, their ends my relationship with A. I will neither try to continue my relationship or pursue A to marry C. I will remove my leaf from A's book for ever.

If i had been C, On the first place i would have not let A know about my love, at least till i come to know that A and B will never work out... But i would have waited till end to see what happens to A and B and if its not going to work out between A and B, then i will be with A and see if A can understand my love and express it when time comes..

Naanthaanga said...

we know Surya is happy with Jyothika, but we will never know if it is better or worse than being with Bhoomika. It is something like 12 B. If he had married B then life might be different, if C than that is going to be completely different.. Probably C's love may be so strong that can even make A to overlook or overcome his\her past relationship with B (when B has left A)..

I agree that A is really lucky to have some one like C.. :)