Sunday, 16 December 2007

Hey Ram

When i was listening to this song "Gokulathu Kanna " from the movie Gokulathil seethi, this lyric "Raavanan nenjil Kaamam illai (Ravana had no lust in his mind) struck me something. As far as what i have heard about the epic Ramayana, Raavanaa captured Seetha and prisoned her in Sri Lanka.. And later Ram rescued Seetha and from their she took the Agni Test (Not the one Abdul kalaam tests, this is kind of fidelity test) to prove her integrity

Coming back to the lyric

The line "Raavanan nenjil kaamam illai" made some sense to me.. Though he captured Ram's wife (which cannot be justified for any reason), i am not sure if he did forcefully exhibited his desires\lust on her when seetha was in Lanka.. If it is true then so is the lyric.

When i felt Raavanaa's act of capturing Seetha is not justifiable, I felt that Ram's act of Agni Test is also not justifiable.. Was it really necessary ? Once you lose faith on your partner, their breaks the relationship then why need a test? May be Ram trusted her but to prove to this world, he wanted seetha to take it.. But again why do you want to prove to this world about someone whom you know better than the world....? An why it is only Seetha, and why not Ram's integrity is questioned here.. ?

One reason may be Ram is another man made God, or because Ram belongs to one of the most powerful dominating genre of the society,"The Men". I am not able to find a better answer for this. Do you?


cb said...

According to some, Ravana didn't force himself upon Sita because of a curse. I've also heard that the reason for Sita's abduction was not Ravana lust, but the love and concern for his daughter.
Looks like he knew that Sita was his daughter and he didn't like the idea of his daughter suffering in the jungle.

We obviously don't have enough data to have a stable view of the whole incident.

Naanthaanga said...

Even i have heard of that story - Seetha being Ravana's daughter..

Subash said...

The main reason i could feel is that the era in which the story was told. Men were free from any blemishes. Even saying so wouldnt suffice the argument as Ravana was as ruly in kidnapping and as gentlemanly in not forcing Site. So life is paradox.

Deepan said...

i don't ve much idea on ramayana.. so can't comment on ravana-sita-rama relationship. but i think u conceived the lyric in that song in a diff way. 'ravananin nenjil kamam illai'-she refers Karthik as ravana here and says that he doesnt hve any lust on her(suvalaksmi) unlike ravana who had lust on Seetha. but till now i don't know why ravana kidnapped seetha.. do u know?

Naanthaanga said...

Yes, i understood she referred to Karthik, while thinking about that only, i felt it even it fits to ravana.

And the possible answers for your question may be

Ravana had lust on her, so she kidnapped her, but as shankar said because of the curse, may be he didn't want to touch her.


Like the other story, Seetha might be Ravana's Daughter and he didn't want to see her Daughter suffering in the forest


Ravana might be in love with seetha, but didn't want to touch her without her consent. So he would have kidnapped her, planned to kill ram and tried to woo her to marry him.. Which is quite possible in those days...