Friday, 21 December 2007

Can You?

Recently when i was commuting to office, i happened to see a small kid (should be around 5-7 yrs old) with an innocent face in a local bus. All of a sudden something made me feel how this kid is going to be after few years..May be a respectable person in the society or may be an anti social element (my 12 std master Mr. Sella paandi use this word very often :)) . This event triggered me a sequence of questions and facts.. Everyone is innocent when they are born. In that case, what makes them turn into a terrorists or anti social elements.

Is it the background they are born ?

Is it the environment they grow?

The extra ordinary circumstances or events that changes their course of life ?

I feel that the surroundings (which includes all the above) in which the child grows plays a vital role in determining his\her future.. Born in a decent background, with all conducive environment and factors to grow better, am sitting in LA and writing this blog.. What if i had born in a remote village of Kashmir or Sri Lanka with an environment that is not as conducive as i have now ? It is quite possible that i would have become a member of Al Quaeda or Tamil Eelam and fighting for its ideologies ?

Let us assume people like Osama, Prabhakaran, Phoolan are the victims of this vicious environments and background. Is it fair enough to judge and brand them, just because we had a better environment to grow?

I am not able to say for sure that I would have not become another Osama or Phoolan, if i had been brought up in their environment. Can you?


Subash said...

A childs innocense is as pristine as morning dew which gets blown out in the days sunshine.
Though a childs 'circumstances' shape up his/her mind set and his future demeanor, it doesnt free from the guilt. As human being claim to possess the so called '6'th sense its their responsibility to choose the right decisions. again 'right' decision is a contention and shows different colour in different prism.

even osama or ltte have their own justifications for being them.

Naanthaanga said...

Yes,, right and wrong are mostly relative. Instead of right and wrong, i think fairness or being fair should be apt.

shiva said...

yes it is true , the environment in which a person grows up plays an important role in shaping that individual to whom she/he is today.

arvind said...

wEll, it could be anything ,they probably see everythingin different perspective ,we see them as anti social,they do that keepig their freedom in mind..
yes ,background does have a huge impact on these children..

Deepan said...

obviously da. the environment does plays a major role in shaping an individual. porakum ellarum nallavangalathan porakaranga .. valarra soolal + their genetic characters than avanga fate a decide pannuthu ...