Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Unsung Singer

The unsung singer, whose voice, which is often mistaken as the voice of one of the greatest legends of the South Indian Film Industry.

The latter being SPB, the former is Mano.

Like a lot, i was thinking of Mano as yet another singer in the industry. Its only in the recent times I realized that many of my favourite numbers were in fact sung by Mano and like many, i have been assuming it as SPB.

Mano's hit numbers are from late 80's when he sang one of the greatest hits of all time for Ilayaraja in "Enga Ooru Paattukaaran" for the song Shenbagame Shenbagame.From there, Mano has rendered his voice for quite a good number.

Some of my favourites from Mano, of which i thought many of them were sung by SPB

Anthiyile Vaanam
Malaikovil Vaasalil
Vaa Vaa Kanna Vaa
Vaanil Kaayuthey
Kudagu Malai
Manyie Mani Kuile
Yaarum Vilayaadum
Anbe nee enna
Potri Paadadi
Mukkaala Mukkaabula

And here is the one which i was thinking all these days as sung by Kamalhassan
Nee Oru

I believe there are quite a good number of songs that can be added to the above list.

As many say, Mano's voice is very identical to SPB.The more i hear his songs, the more am able to identify his voice distinctively.
It always surprises me, when i discover that one of my old favourites was sung by Mano.


bharat said...

I didnt know that 'Nee Oru' was by Mano. I thought it was Kamal all the time :)

Deepan said...

Malai kovil vasalile and Nee oru kathal sangeetham are the two where i didn't recognize Mano's voice. i came to know about "nee oru.." from Shankar recently in LA trip only. was thinking that it was sung by Kamal all these days. i love mano's voice in Anbe nee enna song.. esp in video, rajini ku avlo matching ah irukum ..

Ram said...

In Muqualla muquabulla ..He would have disguised his voice in the whole song to sound different and for the line

"Vaadiyen Vanna Kili Veenai pol Thulli "

he would have sang in his original voice .. Thats the highlight of this song ..

U can add kicku yeruthey to this list .. :)

Divya said...

Its not surprising that a lot of people confuse Mano's songs with that of SPB - during the initial years Mano rarely sang in his original voice.. infact it was this 'Clone of SPB' feel about Mano that gave him his initial break in the industry.
However once he got a holding in the industry Mano began to differentiate his singing.. 'Nee oru' is hailed by fans as Mano's true voice.

I'm adding some more 'Hits of Mano' to your collection (no video link though)

Ada Uchanthala
Alli Alli Anarkali
Anbe nee enna
Anbulla Mannavane
Atho Mega Oorvalam
Aye Shabba
Azhagiya Laila
Chalakku Chalakku Chaela
Chinna Raasavey
Chittan Chittan Kuruvi
Dillu baru jaane
Dingu Dongu rappappo
Ennavale Ennavle Engirunthai neethan
Gundu Onnu vechirukken
Hey Raja
Jingedi Jingedi Unakku
Kaathoram Lolakku
Kalakalakkum mani oosai
Kannum Kannum Kollai adithal
Kaviyam Padava
Kingda Kingda
Kotta Paakkum Kozhundhu
Laalakku Dol Dappima
Loveuna Love
Madura Mari Kolundhu Vaasam
Maniye Manikuyile
Mayilu Mayilu Mayillamma
Meena Ponnu
Meenamma Meenamma
Nikkatumaa Pogatumma
Nila Kaayum
Ninaithadhu Yaaro
Nooru Varusham
O Papa Lali
O Priya Priya
O Azhagu Nilavu
Om Namaha
Oru Maina Maina
Paaku Vethalai
Pandiyana Kokka Kokka
Pandiyanin Raajiyathil
Pattu Poove mettupaadu
Pattup Poovae
Putham Pudhu Bhoomi
Raasaththi Manasila Duet
Sattham Varamal
Sevvanam Chinna Penn
Siruvaani Aathu Thanni
Solai Ilangkuil
Thendral Katrae
Thilana Thilana
Thirupathy Elumala Venkadesa
Thooliyile Ada vantha
Thudikkindra Kaadhal
Vaa Vaa Manjal Malare
Vaa Vaa Vaa Kanna Vaa
Vaanil Kayuthe
Veerapandi Kotayilae
Velli Kolusu Mani

P.S - Mano during his peak was called 'Voice of Rajinikanth'.. I agree, no one else has suited the Super-Star as well as Mano :)

Naanthaanga said...

Most of them gets it wrong with 'Nee Oru Kadhal' .At the starting of the song, the voice exactly matches with Kamal.

It's interesting to hear that Mano's voice suits Rajini better. I thought it was SPB's.

Btw,Mano and ARR has given some very different and excellent numbers like 'Ayirathil naan oruvan',Aathangara Marame and 'Veerapaandi Kottaiyile'.

In spite of all these, there is one movie that Mano will be always remembered for