Sunday, 15 November 2009

Idli Factory

The outlet in the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad serves different varieties of Idlis like Mini Podi Idli, Kanchivaram Idli, Sambar Idli, Rava, Vegetable and couple of more varieties . Idlies are served with a combination of Sambar and chutney (Coconut,tomato and two other chutneys which am not sure of the ingredients :) )

 A plate of 3 idlis is priced at Rs 75, an average price for the food outlets within the Hyderabad Airport premises. Assorted plates are also served with a combination of above idli varieties.In addition to the Idlis they do serve a decent taste alike of South Indian filter coffee.

A plate of assorted Idlis and a cup of Filter Coffee makes a decent South Indian break fast for the commuters from Hyderabad Airport.

The Idli Factory is located opposite to the Gate 22/23 in the Departure Area, inside the Airport.


Divya said...

Awesome! you're back to blogging :D

Naanthaanga said...


AMBA said...

Its a great idea of having such joints. But why restrict to only airports they should come every corner of city so that everybody gets good food every time, everywhere.

Ramswarup said...

I had been to the airport yesterday and had idli's at the idli factory. It is truly delecious and filling.

I would love to take up franchisee for the same in Bangalore.... you can contact me at

Sanjeev said...

We would love to take up franchisee for the same in Bangalore.... you can contact me at

Naanthaanga said...

I am myself just a customer of Idli Factory, i have no idea about the franchisee..


Anonymous said...

went there before...very nice taste was good

Tech Guru said...

I had your Idly in Hyderabad "Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on 18.11.12 midnight Idly is very Tasty and i am from Chennai , Just small advice Open your Outlet in Chennai.
Arihant Jain

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