Sunday, 4 March 2012


Looks like there is finally some reliable site to buy legal music online in India.

Flipkart with its new Flyte Digital Store is providing this new feature in addition to their other online services. The collection is still limited for Tamil, not able to find some of the latest ones, but there are some good old songs in the list. Not sure about the other languages though. This is probably because the service itself is relatively new for the Indian market and moreover they might be still straightening out copyright issues.

Good thing is the user has the option to buy single tracks instead of the complete album. The price is about Rs 6 per song, might be a bit higher for new releases. Also I liked their wallet option to make a purchase. Didn't remember seeing this option while buying books. Not sure if this is applicable only for digital downloads. Wallet allows the customer to top up using a Debit/Credit card or using net-banking. Once the wallet is topped up, songs can be purchased with just a click.

The tracks can also be purchased by the usual payment methods instead of using a Wallet. Before purchase the user has an option to listen to a part of the track as well. The track is downloaded using a download manager similar to Amazon. A mail receipt is received indicating the purchase and provides an option to re-download the song again. Not sure how long this link is valid though.

The song quality was good. Only thing that I observed was that the artist details were incorrect. Also while downloading from the manager, the track had a different title from the one I had purchased, glad that it was just an incorrect title and not the song itself. It will be good if Flipkart can take care of these usability issues.

Flyte is definitely a welcome approach to the Indian online market and adding more collections might attract more users. But only time can tell if Flyte can really survive the online piracy.

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