Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mulholland Drive

Four years back when i saw Memento I thought it was one of the most complicated movies ever made.Today after watching David Lynch's Mulholland Drive i feel this could be the big brother of Memento.

I think Mulholland Drive is non-linear, but then i havent understood enough to confirm whether the narration is linear or not. The movie made some sense only after reading the wiki entry. Actually i didn't sit and analyze after the movie, but i dont think analyzing would have helped as such.

The movie was entangled and complex, and i found it tough to interpret. May be there is no single interpretation for the movie or may be there is no interpretation at all. Even the director has actually refused to comment on the interpretation and symbolism of the movie*. One of theories in Wikipedia speculates that the movie could be just a Mobius Strip with no beginning or end.

Anyways if at some point of time, if you are planning to watch Mulholland Drive, here is a cheat sheet* that could help you to understand the movie better.

  1. Pay particular attention in the beginning of the film: At least two clues are revealed before the credits.
  2. Notice appearances of the red lampshade.
  3. Can you hear the title of the film that Adam Kesher is auditioning actresses for? Is it mentioned again?
  4. An accident is a terrible event — notice the location of the accident.
  5. Who gives a key, and why?
  6. Notice the robe, the ashtray, the coffee cup.
  7. What is felt, realized, and gathered at the Club Silencio?
  8. Did talent alone help Camilla?
  9. Note the occurrences surrounding the man behind Winkie's.
  10. Where is Aunt Ruth?
Good luck and Happy movie watching!!!

*Contained within the original DVD release is a card titled "David Lynch's 10 clues to unlocking this thriller - Source wiki.

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