Sunday, 16 January 2011

So... when was it

So when was the last time you actually wrote something more than a line or two, i mean not typing, mere writing.The last time i remember was a few discreet lines of notes that i took during my project meeting.Before that i guess its again another few lines of notes during a training sometime early last year.

Thinking about it, its been years together since i wrote something continuous, something long.Long and continuous like the way we write exams in college.Probably that's the last thing i wrote continously for hours together i guess.

When i happened to write today a line of 5 words for about 44 times continuously i realized how my hands have actually forgot to write for years together now.

Its not that i miss it badly(though its nice to write at times),it just that my hands are not able to actually afford it now. I started feeling a bit of pain or uneasiness after i started writing a few times.There was a discomfort for sure.

Don't know if this is because i had to write the same sentence again and again repeatedly or is it because of the lack of physical writing or lack of exercise.

I can still type for long hours and carry a decent amount of weight, so i can excuse lack of exercise. Given that, I wish its because i was writing the same thing, but i guess its more because of not writing for a while now. Its just five years from college and i seldom write already. I wonder how the future is going to be.

Children of the future don't have to know how to cursive write, just CTRL+I and CTRL+B is what all they need. Probably they may not even have to type, just tell how they want it.

Technology is the Wor(l)d.


Deepan said...

it happens da. Our fingers lose their practice over the years. I used to and still take notes at my work. But they are disjoint and more like pictorial representation of my thoughts than actual words. I won't even complete most of the words. first few letters of a word puriyum, appuraam rendu moonu kodu thaan irukum. remembering our sem exams where we used to write pages and pages even if we didn't know the answers :) perhaps we should have kept couple of our exam papers just for the sake of remembrance

Naanthaanga said...

exactly da.. exam paper la matter illaatiyum i managed to score marks in Pujeri's subjects just with the handwriting. Now that also gone.