Tuesday, 2 December 2008


A moment of silence was maintained today to honour the people died in the Mumbai terror attack. People around me were praying(atleast thats what i thought), but i end up only with my usual unanswered questions. To whom i should pray, What for and Why for? 

I dont know if i will ever get an answer for this...


Anonymous said...

You will Pray to your wife.
For peace.
Because you will have no other option.

Now you know ..

b.t.w i went to a candle vigil for the Mumbai thing, most of them seemed to be praying that they get a good snap of the candle light arrangement, probably in addition to praying for the dead souls' peace.

Naanthaanga said...


btw, what you were doing in the candle vigil.. am surprised.

Shankar Srinivasan said...

I happened to be in London on Sunday, and I heard about this thing.
Some friends were planning to go.
I was curious about this, so i went along.

It was disappointing.

Deepan said...

if i ever happened to be in such situation, i would pray for not to be pray again.

Ranjit said...

As long as we can show that we are upset with how the govt handled it, it does not matter how it is done.

@Deepan, pattaiya pirichitta.

Naanthaanga said...

What is the connection between the candle vigil and the way govt handled it. I thought candle vigil was for the people who lost their lives.. illaya?

Deepan,nice :)

Ranjit said...

Candle light vigil is for that as well as a sign that ppl are following what is happening in mumbai and so the govt needs to do something about it.

Naanthaanga said...

Oh appadiya.. I didnt know that there is a reason like this behind candle light vigil...