Monday, 25 February 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

This is wonderful....

Many a times we never know what difference we make to the life's of people around us. Here is a man, whose dreams are just dreams throughout his life and makes him feel better not born . Trying to kill himself, he experiences a wonderful thing. A thing that makes him realize what he has done to the people around.. Thats the beauty of the movie..

There are certain movies that makes us feel good after watching.. This one belongs to that genre for sure..

This movie is available online in Google videos.

P.S Nandri Hi to Bala for suggesting this movie :)

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Shankar said...

you're going to be kicked out of US for promoting piracy.
This is a copyrighted video and linking to it in might land you in trouble.

But, I am going to watch this movie :)