Saturday, 4 August 2007

12 Angry Men

"12 Angry Men**"
One of the movies that i watched recently.. 12 Jurors, one room, their prejudice: itha suthi thaan the story will move. 5 minutes thavira full padatha orey room la mudichitaanga. Ithu romba^infinity low budget padamaa irukkumnu nenaikren.

Thigil scenes, Athiradi sandai kaatchigal, Kavarchi kannigal, Brammaandamaana sets, colourful locations, kanna parikra costumes.Itha ellam neenga oru padathula ethir paarpinganna appa ungalukkaana movie illa ithu. Ithu oru Karuppu Vellai thirai chittiram (Black and white movie i say :) )

Padathula suber duper plot ellam ehuvum illa. 12 jurors is about to decide the verdict of a case in which a boy is trialed for killing his father. Every one feels the boy is guilty except one. Antha oruthan kooda avan thappu pannalannu sollala.. He is only not sure whether the boy had done it or not. So he doesn't want to vote for guilt until he is fully convinced.The way the director has shown the mindsets of the jury is fantastic.

Intha padatha namma ovorutharoda personal life la easy ah relate pannidalaam. Every one of us at some point in our life would have reacted or will react like any of this 12 men. The way we make judgements, our arguments, our prejudice towards society, culture, ppl, the face values we give to others without knowing them, reacting emotionally without thinking logical.. itha maathiri naama daily panra pala visahyangala ilai marai kai ah* solli irukkanga...

Good screenply and direction makes the movie worth watching...

*ilai marai kai - its a tamil phrase which means "hidden meaning" . The literal translation of the phrase is "fruits hidden by leaves" . So if u read plainly u wont understand the meaning. If u read between the lines u can get the real meaning.

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Anonymous said...

good one machan..
did you get to watch any of the alfred hitchcock movies that you were talking about last weekend?
ethavathu padam pudichiruntha ingey ezhudhi podu